We at Entirely Health promote physical activity for all ages. We love tailoring our exercise classes to differing fitness levels and believe that everyone should carry on doing physical activity in a manner suited to their capability for as long as possible.  

Our Seniors classes provide a nurturing and safe environment, designed to focus on falls prevention by improving mobility, balance and flexibility as well building confidence and strength to maintain independence and functional capacity.  

Class Types

  • Seniors Advanced

    Our Seniors Advanced class offers tailored exercises to individuals with differing fitness levels and capabilities. This class provides a safe environment that is designed to focus on fall prevention, improvement of mobility, balance, and flexibility. The main goal of this class is to build the individuals strength and confidence to maintain independence and functional capacity. 

  • Seniors Bone Health

    Our Bone Health class is scientifically designed for those with osteoporosis or osteopenia as well as those who would like to continue maintaining strong and healthy bones long into the future. This class, led by physiotherapists and exercise physiologists, uses the most up to date evidence-based exercise programming. This provides the best opportunity to maintain or improve bone bass, mobility, balance, and flexibility through increased muscle strength and loading to ultimately prevent falls and fractures.  

  • Seniors Falls and Balance

    Our falls and balance class aims to improve individuals’ lower limb strength and balance with the overall aim of reducing the risk of falls. Other key factors of the class are to improve balance, maintenance of mobility and general fitness.  

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

    Our COPD class is tailored to individuals with respiratory problems or issues with lung capacity. Our COPD class will teach you breathing techniques and endurance exercises to assist you in improving your exercise tolerance and quality of life.

Our Seniors love our fun and supportive environment where they can build relationships and make social connections whilst exercising with a group of like-minded individuals. If you would like to try out this class, ask one of our friendly staff for more details or call our Rockhampton clinic on 4922 2722.