Our exercise classes put the fun into fitness.

Run by our top team of physios and exercise physiologists, classes are designed to meet an individual’s goals but are based on people coming together, working together and achieving together. Each class is unique and offers ever. You may be entitled to a health fund rebate depending upon your fund.

Fit Mums

Mums are the modern-day superheros of our time. However, even superheros need help sometimes. Here at Entirely Health we recognise the importance of self-care, especially when nursing a new little bub or chasing after toddlers.

So, we created Fit Mums, a keep-fit class for mums and their children so mum gets a chance to stay active and improve her health and fitness, whilst bub can be looked after in our child-minding facility.

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Functional Fitness

Our Functional Fitness class is high-intensity interval training based. Here at Entirely, we have specifically designed this class to maximise effort and results from top quality coaching from our team of exercise physiologists and physiotherapists.

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We at Entirely Health promote physical activity for all ages. We love tailoring our exercise classes to differing fitness levels and believe that everyone should carry on doing physical activity in a manner suited to their capability for as long as possible.  

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Hydrotherapy Classes

Hydrotherapy is one of the oldest forms of treatment, which involves exercise in heated water to soothe muscle pain and treat illness. Our hydrotherapy classes are great fun and can be highly addictive! Once you’ve tried hydrotherapy here at Entirely Health, there’s no going back.

Our classes are held at the Southside pool every Monday and Wednesday at 12:30pm.

A block of four classes is highly recommended and costs $62.
This includes entry into the pool. 

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Available at the following clinics