Entirely Health offers massage services from our Yeppoon practice on a Tuesday. We have remedial, relaxation and cupping services available.

Remedial Massage

If you experienced persistent muscle pain, you should consider remedial massage.

Remedial massage uses massage to cure muscle tension and give relief from chronic pain.

Based on a thorough diagnosis and a series of tests to identify the muscles causing you pain, our massage therapist will recommend a personalised program of treatment.

This may involve deep tissue massage for short periods, which is proven to be highly effective.

Relaxation Massage

Ever reached the end of the week and felt exhausted? Or in need of some first-class TLC? We all have, right? Then it’s time you booked relaxation massage.

Using the gentle manipulation of muscles, flowing strokes and kneading at a pressure comfortable to you, relaxation massage is a pain-free way to destress muscles and your mind.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is a beautiful and natural process but it does place new and considerable strain on a woman’s body.

Pregnancy massage is a combination of remedial and relaxation massage designed to ease the pressure placed on a woman’s body while carrying a baby.

Our massage therapist tailors treatment to each expectant mum’s needs, with the goal of maximising her wellbeing.


Cupping is an ancient Chinese practice that our massage therapist uses to relieve muscle pain.

The practice involves placing an upturned cup or glass on a patient’s skin, which creates a vacuum and suction to lift the skin and underlying tissue. The action can break-up ‘knots’ between tissue layers to restore flexibility and movement.

Cupping is an effective, gentle treatment but it can leave a patient’s skin with a mark similar to a bruise. These marks are usually painless and fade after two to seven days.

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