*Please note* Our 2023 waitlist for Speech and Occupational Therapy is now closed.

If you or somebody you know has difficulty communicating or swallowing, life can be full of uncertainty.

Speech pathology is the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of communication and swallowing difficulties.

Issues can arise from a number of developmental or neurological reasons, genetic or degenerative conditions, physical or functional challenges.

But whatever the cause, our speech pathologists are trained to help children and adults speak more clearly. And remove that nagging uncertainty.

Typically, our Entirely Health speech pathologists can help when:

  • Speech is difficult to understand and/or there’s difficulty with the production of sounds
  • Vocal quality is hoarse, harsh, whispered or inconsistent and/or there’s a lack of flexibility in voice e.g. difficulty speaking loudly, with volume control and difficulty with using different pitch/inflections in speaking/singing
  • Speech is not fluent, does not flow and has hesitations
  • Understanding what others say and following day to day directions is difficult
  • Expressing oneself is difficult, including difficulty with finding the appropriate word to use, sequencing words into grammatical sentences and expressing one’s feeling
  • Trying to communicate leads to frustration
  • The learning of and functional use of reading and spelling/writing is difficult
  • A cough or throat clear occurs before/during or after swallowing and/or recurrent chest infection occur. This can indicate difficulties with swallowing and can have major health implications
  • Oral intake is reduced or taking medication is difficult

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