*Please note* Our 2023 waitlist for Speech and Occupational Therapy is now closed.

When it comes to occupational therapy, ‘occupation’ doesn’t necessarily mean work but rather to everyday activities or anything that occupies you.

The goal of occupational therapy, or OT for short, is to enable a person to participate fully in what they are occupied with while bringing purpose and meaning to their life.

At Entirely Health, OT involves the ongoing assessment of an individual. We work to discover each patient’s limitations and their motivations before giving them tailored advice and techniques.

Treatment from our occupational therapists will enable them to care for themselves and for others, work, play sport and enjoy hobbies.

Our solutions are broad and far-reaching. We work with children to help them reach their developmental milestones. We prescribe devices to assist people in doing their daily activities. And we give advice to help people live safely and more comfortably in their homes.

Regardless of who we work with or the advice we deliver, the task is to make a positive impact upon our patients’ quality of life.

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