Our people are among the industry’s finest.

But don’t take our word for it. Look-up ‘Quality in Practice’. You’ll discover we’re accredited.

With a team of 31 quality people with a diverse range of skills, we can take a multi-disciplined approach to allied healthcare while providing you with accurate, comprehensive and effective treatment.

Community Support

We care for the communities in which we operate. Because they care for us. In terms of providing teams members, services and, ultimately, patients.

So, our dietitians give lectures on healthy living. We provide free training for local sports clubs. And we’re proud to sponsor Little Athletes in Yeppoon.


Meet the team at

Abraham Jones - Physiotherapist
Abraham Jones
Physiotherapist, Rockhampton
Alisha Holden - Speech Pathologist
Alisha Holden
Speech Pathologist, Rockhampton
Ashleigh McKinnon - Speech Pathologist
Ashleigh McKinnon
Speech Pathologist, Yeppoon
Ben McGuire - Principal Physiotherapist
Ben McGuire
Principal Physiotherapist, Yeppoon & Rockhampton
Bernadette Barnes - Practice Manager
Bernadette Barnes
Practice Manager, Rockhampton
Brooke McIntosh - Speech Pathologist
Brooke McIntosh
Speech Pathologist, Rockhampton
Catherine Campbell - Speech Pathologist
Catherine Campbell
Speech Pathologist, Yeppoon
Chenaye Wright - Physiotherapist
Chenaye Wright
Physiotherapist, Blackwater & Rockhampton
Clair Fitzpatrick - Occupational Therapist
Clair Fitzpatrick
Occupational Therapist, Rockhampton & Yeppoon
Cooper Lems - Physiotherapist
Cooper Lems
Physiotherapist, Rockhampton
Courtney Keen - Physiotherapist
Courtney Keen
Physiotherapist, Rockhampton
Danilie Brown - Speech Pathologist
Danilie Brown
Speech Pathologist, Blackwater & Rockhampton
George Labor - Partner and Senior Physiotherapist
George Labor
Partner and Senior Physiotherapist, Rockhampton
Greg Muller - Principal Physiotherapist
Greg Muller
Principal Physiotherapist, Rockhampton
Joanne Hooper - Speech Pathologist
Joanne Hooper
Speech Pathologist, Yeppoon
Jordan Rycen - Physiotherapist
Jordan Rycen
Physiotherapist, Rockhampton
Joshua Cooling - Physiotherapist
Joshua Cooling
Physiotherapist, Rockhampton
Kate Smith - Exercise Physiologist
Kate Smith
Exercise Physiologist, Blackwater & Rockhampton
Keira Murray - Dietitian
Keira Murray
Dietitian, Blackwater, Rockhampton & Yeppoon
Kirsty Nugent - Occupational Therapist
Kirsty Nugent
Occupational Therapist, Rockhampton
Kurt Nichols - Physiotherapist
Kurt Nichols
Physiotherapist, Blackwater
Laurence Gosling - Physiotherapist
Laurence Gosling
Physiotherapist, Yeppoon
Leon Christensen - Physiotherapist
Leon Christensen
Physiotherapist, Rockhampton
Luke Gray - Massage Therapist
Luke Gray
Massage Therapist, Rockhampton
Luke Pickard - Physiotherapist
Luke Pickard
Physiotherapist, Rockhampton
Melissa Dwyer - Physiotherapist
Melissa Dwyer
Physiotherapist, Yeppoon
Rachel Lawson - Physiotherapist
Rachel Lawson
Physiotherapist, Rockhampton
Ryan Turner - Physiotherapist
Ryan Turner
Physiotherapist, Rockhampton
Savannah Judd - Physiotherapist
Savannah Judd
Physiotherapist, Yeppoon & Rockhampton
Shireen Rigby - Exercise Physiologist
Shireen Rigby
Exercise Physiologist, Rockhampton
Zac Ramsay - Exercise Physiologist
Zac Ramsay
Exercise Physiologist, Rockhampton & Blackwater