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Rockhampton | Frid 5 + Sat 6 September

CQ Physio Group in conjunction with Health Adventure Seminars & Courses are excited to be bringing
this high-quality professional development programs for physiotherapists to Rockhampton in September 2014. !

Course Highlights

  • Review essential functional applied anatomy of the entire shoulder region.
  • Understand concepts of neural dynamic tension, optimal control & dynamic stability at the shoulder
  •  Explore the complexity of shoulder dysfunctions, recognising and managing all common imbalances
  • Appreciate the extensive interaction between instability and impingements at the shoulder
  • Fine-tune your assessment skills and orthopaedic tests for all shoulder dysfunctions
  • Learn a diverse spectrum of effective treatment techniques and conditioning exercises for the shoulder

A very popular advanced physiotherapy course, which will assist the experienced
physiotherapist who has an interest in progressing their anatomical and biomechanical
knowledge, plus highly practical assessment and treatment skills specifically related to the
shoulder region. Understand concepts of optimal control & stability, and identify both
common and complex muscle imbalances in relation to shoulder dysfunctions. Learn an
extensive spectrum of appropriate rehabilitation and conditioning exercises for the shoulder.

Course Outline 

A 4-layer approach functional anatomy
Articular surfaces and the glenoid labrum
Passive restraints: joint capsule and ligaments
Active stabilisers: scapula pivoters and the rotator cuff
Global Muscles
Common upper limb muscle imbalances
Sub-acromial impingement
Internal (posterior) impingement
The vicious cycle of impingement
The relationship between impingement and instability
Anterior instability
The instability spectrum
Dislocation, subluxation and humeral head translation
SLAP lesions
Neural Dynamic Tension Testing
Observation and palpation skills
Clinical tests: Impingement, instability and labrum tests
Progression of Rehabilitation Exercises and Hands-on skills

Wayne Rodgers – Australian Sports Physiotherapist
Wayne is an APA sports physiotherapist and personal health coach with 25 years experience in the health and fitness industries. He has been a sports physiotherapist for several national and international sports teams (AustralianCommonwealth Games team, Australian Netball team). Wayne is a highly experienced, dynamic and popular presenter of sports physiotherapy and fitness industry courses. He has delivered over 1500 hours of professional development education to physiotherapists, fitness professionals and corporate audiences over the past 12 years.
Approach to Courses and Timetable
All our courses integrate clinical reasoning with the latest in scientific opinion, allowing all participants to discover effective strategies for success. The delivery format is very interactive with a significant percentage of every course dedicated to practical skills.
This course runs for 12 hours over 2 days.
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