Alex works from our Yeppoon practice and has a special interest in dance related injuries and preventative management along with Pilates, she also enjoys treating foot/ankle, hip/pelvic injuries. Prior to moving to Central Queensland she worked  in Sydney as a physiotherapist with professional dancers and dance students for preventative and dance related injuries. During this time she also treated workplace injuries, acquired brain injuries and chronic pain.

In her spare time Alex enjoys a wide range of outdoor activities such as stand up paddling, kite surging, surfing and ballet. Read more

There is a good chance that many of you know someone who has had a long lasting tendon injury, or has had one yourself. The runner with the nagging Achille’s pain, the footballer with the recurrent groin issue, the tennis player who can’t hit a backhand because of their sore elbow. It is only in the last couple of years that we have begun to develop a better understanding of tendon injuries and why they are so frustrating (to both patient and therapist). Read more

Exercise Physiologist

Shireen holds a Bachelor of Exercise Science, a Graduate Diploma of Exercise Science and a Bachelor of Business Management. She is an ESSA accredited exercise physiologist working from both our Rockhampton and Yeppoon practices. Shireen has always worked the the fitness industry and before completing her exercise physiology studies worked at various health clubs and gyms. She enjoys working with her clients and helping to break down barriers and eliminating fears of exercising, educating why exercise is medicine and noticing improvements in their strengths and confidence. In her spare time Shireen enjoys cooking hiking, keeping fit outdoors and occasionally binge watching TV series. Read more

It’s our mission at CQ Physio to help people in our communities reach their optimal physical potential throughout life. That’s why we are so thrilled that we are now an NDIS provider. We offer Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Dietetics and Massage services. If you would like further information on how you can access these services please contact our Practice Manager at Read more

What is Flexion Related Lower Back Pain?

Flexion Related Lower Back Pain is a broad term used to describe any lower back pain that is aggravated by flexion movements e.g. bending and sitting. Pain can be localised to the middle of your back or is also commonly felt in the buttocks and thigh. Occasionally pain can shoot down the leg. This electric shooting type of pain is called radicular pain or is also often referred to as sciatica. It is important that you keep moving and return to work (even if you can only do light duties).  Excessive “bed rest” is not effective in managing lower back pain and is even considered detrimental to your rehabilitation. Read more

What are Cervicogenic Headaches?

A cervicogenic headache (CH) is a common cause of headache. The pain associated with this type of headache is secondary to a physical disorder of the neck. Common locations of CH are the base of the skull, the temple regions and the area around the eyes. Common structures responsible are the upper segments of the spine, the sub-occipital muscles and upper trapezius muscle fibres. Read more

The beginning of the school year is by far the most exciting as a kid – arriving on that first day to catch up with all our friends after an exciting holiday, show-off our new lunch-boxes and school bags, and find out who our new teachers were. We’d then all look forward to our first break to open our lunch-boxes and see what little treats our mums would pack for us. I remember mum always packed us beautiful lunches – cheese sandwiches on freshly made bread, fruit, and always a baked treat (which all my friends would be very jealous of!). Read more

I love summer. I love days at the beach, barefoot walks in the sand, hair constantly dripping with seawater… and I love all the beautiful fresh summer fruits and vegetables that come with the season. Stone fruits and mangos have finally arrived! I remember as a kid dad and I would buy an entire carton of mangos during the school holidays, and would have a whole bowl to ourselves after an early morning swim at the beach. Mum would promptly send us back for a swim to wash off all the mango juice! This month’s recipe, inspired by Teresa Cutter ( is one of my favourite summer breakfasts – mango pudding. Chia seeds are a fantastic source of omega three fatty acids and fibre to help with heart and digestive health, as well as protein and vitamin B. And mango, like all fresh fruit, is just packed full of vitamins and minerals for overall health and well-being! The perfect start to a summer’s day! – Lizzie Read more